In the following you can find a list of the accepted posters at the 24th edition of EGSR 2013 (click on the thumbnail images on the left to see an enlarged version of the poster):


Crowd Rendering with Per-Joint Impostors

A. Beacco, C. Andujar, N. Pelechano, B. Spanlang

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Light Vertex Cache Bidirectional Path Tracing on GPU

T. Davidovic1, P. Slusallek1,2

1Saarland University 2German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

A Parallel Architecture for Interactive Rendering of Scattering and Refraction Effects

D. Bernabei1, A. Hakke Patil2, F. Banterle1, M. Di Benedetto1, F. Ganovelli1, S. Pattanaik2, R. Scopigno1.

1Visual Computing Lab, CNR, Pisa (Italy)

2Graphics Lab, University of Central Florida, Orlando (USA)

Historygrams: Enabling Interactive Global Illumination in Direct Volume Rendering using Photon Mapping

D. Jönsson, J. Kronander, T. Ropinski, A. Ynnerman

Linköping University

A Heterogeneous Subsurface Scattering Representation Based on Compact and Efficient Matrix Factorization

M. Kurt1 and A. Öztürk2

1International Computer Institute, Ege University, TURKEY 2Department of Computer Engineering, Izmir University, TURKEY

ABC - BRDF Models for Accurate and Efficient Rendering of Glossy Surfaces

J. Kronander, J. Löw, A. Ynnerman, J. Unger

Linköping University

Display-Adaptive 3D Content Remapping

B. Masia1,2, G. Wetzstein2, C. Aliaga1, R. Raskar2 and D. Gutierrez1

1Universidad de Zaragoza 2MIT Media Lab

High-Quality Adaptive Rendering using Features and Color

F. Rousselle, M. Manzi, M. Zwicker

University of Bern

Image Based Lighting Using HDR-Video

J. Unger, J. Kronander, P. Larsson, S. Gustavson, A. Ynnerman

Media and Information Technology, Linköping University, Sweden

Adaptive Patches for Inpainting

C. Winger, S. Castillo, D. W. Cunningham

Brandenburgische Technische Universität, Cottbus, Germany

Automatic Parameter Control for Metropolis Light Transport

K. Zsolnai1 and L. Szirmay-Kalos2

1Vienna University of Technology, Austria 2Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary


Posters Chairs

  • Jose A. Iglesias, Universidad de Zaragoza
  • Patric Ljung, Siemens Corporation, Corporate Technology (Princeton)
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